Curriculum Vitae

Last updated: February 2016 
Linda Martín Alcoff
Professor of Philosophy


Department of Philosophy                                                Department of Philosophy
Hunter College, 695 Park Ave                                          CUNY Graduate Center 
New York NY 10065                                                         365 5th Avenue
Phone 212-772-5081
New York NY 10016           
Ph.D. in philosophy, Brown University 1987. (Committee: Ernest Sosa, advisor; Martha Nussbaum, Richard Schmitt)
M.A. in philosophy, Georgia State University 1983.
B.A. in philosophy with honors, Georgia State University 1980.
Brown Graduate Fellowship 1983-1984
American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship 1990-1991
Feminist Epistemologies was a Critic's Choice Book by the American Educational Studies Assoc., 1993
Outstanding Woman Educator Award, Eta Pi Epsilon (Senior Women’s Honor Society) 1993-1994
Society for the Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship, Cornell University 1994-1995
Meredith Professorship for Excellence in Teaching, Syracuse University, 1995-1998
Distinguished Woman in Philosophy, 2005, Society for Women in Philosophy
Named one of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics for 2006, Hispanic Business Magazine
Phenomenology Roundtable 2009 Award for Contributions to Phenome
Executive Office,nology and Philosophy
Visible Identities: Race, Gender and the Self won the CaribbeanPhilosophical Association's Frantz Fanon Prize for 2009
Honorary Doctorate, University of Oslo, September 2011
Hunter College/CUNY Graduate Center Professor of Philosophy 2009-present     
Visiting Research Professor, Institute for Social Justice, Australian Catholic University, 2015-
Grad Center, CUNY: Executive Officer, Women's Studies Certificate Program and the Center for the Study of Women and Society 2014-2015                                                                         
Director, Women’s Studies Program, Syracuse University, 2005-2008
Syracuse University, Professor of Philosophy, 1999-2009
SUNY Stony Brook, Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies, 2002-2003
Brown University, Visiting Professor of Philosophy, Spring 2001
Florida Atlantic University, Visiting Distinguished Professor, Fall 2000
Aarhus University, Denmark, Visiting Professor, November 1999
Syracuse University, Associate Professor of Philosophy, 1995-1999
Cornell University, Visiting Professor, Society for the Humanities, 1994-1995
Syracuse University, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 1988-1994
Kalamazoo College, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, 1987-1988
Continental philosophy, 19th and 20th century
Epistemology: social, continental, and feminist epistemology
Feminist theory
Critical race theory
Decolonial Theory
Latin American philosophy
President and Vice-President, APA Eastern Division, 2011-2013
Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy: Associate Editor 2010-2013
Eastern Division APA Program Committee, 2009-2011
Nominating Committee, American Philosophical Association, 2002-2005
Executive Committee, APA Eastern Division, 1999-2002
Chair, Committee on Hispanics/Latinos, APA, 1998-2001
Co-Director, Society for Phenomenology and Existentialist Philosophy 1997-1999
Chair, Committee on Racial and Ethnic Diversity, SPEP, 1999- 2001
Advisory Committee to the Program Committee, Eastern APA, 1998-2001
Committee on the Status of Women, APA 1995-1997
Book Review Committee, SPEP, 1995-1996
Committee on the Status of Women, SPEP, 1992-1995
Authored Books:

1. Real Knowing: New Versions of Coherence Epistemology Cornell University Press, 1996. (Newly reissued in paperback, 2008)
2. Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self Oxford University Press, 2006.
3. The Future of Whiteness Polity Press 2015
4. Women's Realities, Women's Choices: An Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies 4th Ed., Oxford University Press, 2015 (co-authored with the Hunter College Women's and Gender Studies Collective)
Edited Books:

1. Feminist Epistemologies co-edited with Elizabeth Potter, Routledge 1993.
2. Epistemology: The Big Questions Blackwell 1998.

3. Thinking From the Underside of History: Enrique Dussel’s Philosophy of Liberation, co-edited with Eduardo Mendieta, Rowman and Littlefield, 2000.
4. Identities: Race, Class, Gender, and Nationality co-edited with Eduardo Mendieta, Blackwell 2003.
5. Singing in the Fire: Stories of Women in Philosophy  Rowman and Littlefield 2003.
6.  Blackwell Guide to Feminist Philosophy, co-edited with Eva Feder Kittay, Blackwell, 2006.
7. Identity Politics Reconsidered co-edited with Satya Mohanty, Paula Moya, and Michael Hames-Garcia, Palgrave/MacMillan, 2006.
8. Saint Paul among the Philosophers co-edited with John Caputo, Indiana University Press, 2009. 
9. Constructing the Nation: A Race and Nationalism Reader co-edited with Mariana Ortega, SUNY Press, 2009.

10. Feminism, Sexuality, and the Return of Religion co-edited with John Caputo, Indiana University Press. 2010.
  Forthcoming edited books:
1. Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Race co-edited with Paul Taylor and Luvell Anderson

Special issues of journals:

1. Philosophy Today Vol. 42, co-edited with Merold Westphal, Supplement 1998; Proceedings of SPEP 1997.
2. Philosophy Today Vol. 43, co-edited with Walter Brogan, Supplement 1999; Proceedings of SPEP 1998.

3. Hypatia special virtual issue on Embodiment, 2013
Other editorial work:
Co-editor, Oxford UP Series: Critical Race Philosophy

Editor, Routledge Series: Introducing Feminist Philosophy
Co-editor, Palgrave Series: The Future of Minority Studies
Co-editor, Palgrave Series: Breaking the Waves, a series in feminist theory

1.  “Lordship, Bondage, and the Dialectics of Male/Female Relationships” co-authored with Linda A. Bell, Cogito II (Spring 1985): 79-93.
2.  “Skepticisism, or Charles Sanders Peirce's Alternative to the Skeptical Dilemma” Auslegung, XIII (Winter 1986): 6-18.
3. “Justifying Feminist Social Science” Hypatia 2 (Fall 1987): 107-127. Reprinted in Feminism and Science edited by Nancy Tuana (Indiana University Press, 1989).
4. “Cultural Feminism v. Post-Structuralism: The Identity Crisis in Feminist Theory” SIGNSSpring 1988, 405-436;  reprinted in  Reconstructing the Academy: Women's Education and Women's Studies, edited by Elizabeth Minnich, Jean O'Barr and Rachel Rosenfeld, (University of Chicago Press, 1988); in Feminist Theory in Practice and Process edited by Micheline R. Malson et al (University of Chicago Press, 1989); in Feminism and Philosophy: Theory, Reinterpretation, and Application edited by Rosemarie Tong and Nancy Tuana, Westview Press, 1995; in Culture/Power/History: A Reader in Contemporary Social Theory edited by Sherry Ortner, Geoff Eley and Nick Dirks, Princeton University Press, 1994; in Feminism edited by Susan Moller Okin and Jane Mansbridge, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.; in The Second Wave edited by Linda Nicholson, Routledge 1996; and in Beyond Portia: Women, Law and Literature in the U.S. eds. Jacqueline St. Joan and Annette Bennington McElhiney, Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1997: pp. 87-113. This essay has also been translated into Spanish for Feminaria, a journal published in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Volume 2, No. 4 (Noviembre, 1989): 1-18, and into Italian and published in Memoria: revista di storia delle donne, N. 25 (1, 1989): 7-36; and into spanish a second time as “Feminismo cultural versus posestructuralismo: la crisis de identidad en la teoría feminista” translated by Marysa Navarro, for Nuevas Direciones edited by Marysa Navarro and Catharine Stimpson, Buenos Aires: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2001.   
5. “Feminist Politics and Foucault: The Limits to a Collaboration” in Crises in Continental Philosophy edited by Arlene Dallery and Charles Scott (Albany: SUNY Press 1990).
6. “The Problem of Speaking For Others” in Cultural Critique (Winter 1991-92), pp. 5-32; revised and reprinted in Who Can Speak?  Authority and Critical Identity edited by Judith Roof and Robyn Wiegman, University of Illinois Press, 1996; and in Feminist Nightmares: Women at Odds edited by Susan Weisser and Jennifer Fleischner, New York University Press, 1994; and in Racism and Sexism: Differences and Connections eds. David Blumenfeld and Linda Bell, Rowman and Littlefield, 1995; and in Theorizing Feminisms edited by Elizabeth Hackett and Sally Haslanger, Oxford University Press, 2006; and in Voice in Qualitative Inquiry: Challenging Conventional, Interpretive, and Critical Conceptionsedited by Alecia Youngblood Jackson and Lisa A. Mazzei, Routledge 2008; and also in Just Methods: An Interdisciplinary Feminist Reader ed. Alison Jaggar, Paradigm Publishers 2008. It is also in Qualitative Research Methods in Education edited by Harry Torrance, Sage Fundamentals of Applied Research,  July 2010.
7. “Survivor Discourse: Transgression or Recuperation?” co-authored with Laura Gray, SIGNS Winter 93, Vol. 18, No. 2: 260-290.  Translated into German and reprinted as “Der Diskurs von >Uberlebenden< sexueller Gewalt: Uberschreitung oder Vereinnahmung?” in Forum Kritische Psychologie 33 (1994): 100-135.  Reprinted in Getting a Life, edited by Julia Watson and Sidonie Smith, University of Minnesota Press, 1996: 198-225.  A shortened version of this paper appeared under the title, “Survivors of Sexual Violence: Telling It So It Will Never Happen Again,” in Off Our Backs (April 1992), and in Phoebe Fall 1992, Vol. 4, No. 2: 30-37.
8. “Foucault as Epistemologist,” Philosophical Forum, Winter 93, Vol. XXV, No. 2, pp. 95-124.
9. “Is the Feminist Critique of Reason Rational?” Philosophical Topics 23 (2), Fall 1995: 1-26.  Also in The Annual Proceedings of the Center for the Philosophic Exchange, 1995-1996 no.26: 58-79.
10. “Expert Discourses of Critique,” in Reinterpreting the Political edited by Lenore Langsdorf and Stephen Watson, Selected Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Volume 20, SUNY Press, 1998.
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47. "The Hegel of Coyoacan" forthcoming in boundary 2. 


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Works in Progress:
1. Rape After Foucault a book project.
2. Decolonial Epistemology a book project.


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"Mignolo's Epistemology of Coloniality," Latin American Philosophy Symposium, University of Buffalo, April 19-20, 2007.
Late May and early June: taught a master (graduate) class at the University of Utrecht on feminist and critical race philosophy.
"Layered Identities" June 4-9, International Association of Philosophy and Literature, Cyprus.
Co-teaching with Satya Mohanty a Summer Seminar for the Future of Minority Studies Summer Institute on "Intersectional Identities: Realist Explorations" Cornell University, July 2007.
"Racial profiling as epistemic practice: When is identity relevant?" September 6-7, 2007: Philosophy dept, University of North Carolina, Charlotte.
"Truth and Sexual Violence" October 19-20, 2007: The Future of Feminist Theory Conference, Rutgers University.
"Racial profiling as epistemic practice: When is identity relevant?" October 26, 2007: Department of Philosophy, University of Guelph, Canada
"Iris Young's feminist phenomenology" November 8-10, 2007: SPEP.
"Epistemologies of Ignorance; Three Types" SAAP, Nov. 8, 2007: Chicago IL.
"Racial Profiling as Epistemic Practice," Duquesne University, Dept. of Philosophy, Dec. 7, 2007.
Comments on "Race, Ethnicity, Sexuality" Panel, December 27-30, 2007: Eastern APA, Baltimore MD.
Comments on "Race, Reference, and Realism" main program. Eastern APA, Baltimore MD.
"Rationality, Agency, and Identity" February 7, 2008: Union College, Schenectady NY
"Rationality, Agency, and Identity" February 22, 2008: Charles McCracken Distinguished Guest Lecturer for 2007/8 at Michigan State University
"Racial Profiling as Epistemic Practice" March 13, 2008: Rhodes College, Memphis TN
"Comment on Tommie Shelby's 'We Who Are Dark'" March 19-23, 2008: Pacific APA, Pasadena CA.
"Can Whites be a Part of the Rainbow?" April 4-5, 2008: Allegheny College, PA; keynote speaker for conference on Whiteness
"Can Whites be a Part of the Rainbow?" April 17-19 Central APA, main program.
"Latinos beyond the binary" Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics at UCLA, May 8, 2008
"Truth and Sexual Violence" May 23-24, 2008: University of Hull, England; keynote speaker for UK SWIP.
"Discourses of Sexual Violence in a Global Framework" May 29-31, 2008: University of Oslo, Norway

"Discourses of Sexual Violence in a Global Framework" July 29, 2008: Keynote, International Association of Women in Philosophy, Seoul, Korea.
"Gender and reproduction" Asian Center for Women's Studies, Ewha Woman's University, Seoul.
"Latinos Beyond the Binary" Spindel Conference on Race, Racism and Liberalism, U. of Memphis, Sept 25-27, 2008.
"Race, Gender and Rationality" and "Latinos Beyond the Binary" Minnesota State University, Oct. 2-3, 2008.
"Can whites be a part of the rainbow?" St. Lawrence University, Oct. 14, 2008.
SPEP Scholar Session, Oct. 16-18, 2008.
"Truth and Sexual Violence," "Rationality and Group Identity" Univ. of Kansas and Kansas State University, Oct. 29-31, 2008.
"Latinos Beyond the Binary" Drew University conference on "Latino Philosophy and Theology" Nov.20-22, 2008.
"Comments on Miranda Fricker's Epistemic Injustice"  Eastern APA December 28.
"Comments on Georgia Warnke's After identity" Eastern APA. December 29.
“Knowledge and Interiority: The case of childhood sexual abuse memories” CUNY Graduate Center, March 11, 2009. 
“Rorty’s Anti-representationalism” and “Global Sexual Violence” Boston College, March 27, 2009.  
Identity and Identity Politics seminar—Mellon Graduate Workshop, Brown University, April 9, 2009.
“Sexual Violence in a Global Framework” Hunter College Women’s and Gender Studies Department, April 2009.
“Gender and Reproduction”  University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, Philosophy Department, May 2009.
“Sexual Violence in a Global Framework” University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign Feminist Futures Conference, May 2009.
“Dussel’s Transmodernity” International Association of Philosophy and Literature, London, U. of Brunel, June 6.
“Decolonizing epistemology” Birkbeck College Workshop on the Latin American Turn, University of London, June 4.
“Sexual Violence and Phenomenology” Phenomenology Roundtable, Brown University, June 12.
 “Dussel’s Transmodernity” Caribbean Philosophical Association. August 13-15, Miami.
“Identities in the Public Sphere,” University of Nevada, Reno, Sept 17-18.
“Sotomayor’s Reasoning” Vanderbilt, Department of Philosophy, October 3.
“Adorno’s Dialectical Realism” keynote, Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy, October15.
“Sotomayor’s Reasoning” Society for Interdisciplinary Feminist Philosophy, October 27.
“Sotomayor’s Reasoning” University of Kentucky at Louisville, November 13.
“Anti-Latino Racism” Panel on Immigration and Hate Crimes, Co-sponsored by APA Committee on Blacks and Committee on Latinos/Hispanics and Committee on Asians/Asian Americans, Eastern APA, December.
“Sotomayor’s Reasoning” Panel sponsored by APA Committee on Latinos/Hispanics, Eastern APA, December.
“La Transmodernidad de Dussel” El Simposio “Filosofía de la Liberación” del XV Congreso de Filosofía de la AFM, Cuidad de México, January.
“Commentary on Miranda Fricker” Central APA panel, February.
“Against Post-ethnic Utopias” Fraternite and Fratricide conference, London, February.
“Philosophy and Life” KGB Bar, New York City, March 2.
“Xenophobia” CUNY Graduate Center Symposium, Asian and Asian American Research Center, March 1.
“The Intellectual Foundations of Identity-Based Scholarship” keynote, Rutgers Newark Women’s Studies Conference, March 4.
“Global Sexual Violence”  Department of Philosophy, SUNY New Paltz March 10.
“Anti-Latino Racism” SAAP, New York, March.
“Philosophy in the Public Sphere” Pacific APA panel, April.
“Whiteness in a Multi-Racial Society” Race and Phenomenology Conference, California State University Fullerton, April 2010.
“Horkheimer, Habermas, and Foucault on t he Epistemic Criterion” Conference on “Epistemic Normativity” Fordham University April 16-17.
“Against Post-Ethnic Utopias” NYU Center for the Study of Ethnicities, April 27.
“Anti-Latino racism” University of Maryland, College Park, conference on “Revisioning Latin American Studies” April 29-May 1.
“Adorno’s Dialectial Realsim” Conference on Philosophy and the Social Sciences, Prague, May 12-16.
“Revisioning the Political” Brown University “Critical Global Humanities Institute”  June 16-17.
 “Social Identities and the Question of Realism” American Psychological Association meetings, keynote, August 14.
“Dussel’s Political Epistemology” Caribbean Philosophical Association, Cartagena Colombia, August 12-13.
“Comments on Panel on Black-Latino Relations,” organized by Mark Sawyer, American Political Science Association meetings, Washington DC September 2-5.
“The Future of Whiteness” John Jay College, Philosophy Dept, Sept 21.
“Gender and Reproduction” Drew University, Women’s Studies, October 5-6.
“Alien and Alienated” SUNY Buffalo October 8, Latin American and Latino Studies Conference.
“Sotomayor’s Reasoning” University of North Carolina, Greensboro, October 19.
 “Adorno’s Dialectical Realism” SPEP, Montreal, November 4-6.
“The Future of Whiteness” Pennsylvania State University, “Critical Philosophy of Race” conference, November 10-13.
“Social Identities and the Question of Realism” King’s College, Nova Scotia, “Conceptions of Race in Philosophy, Literature and Art” Keynote, December 2.
Eastern APA: “The Problem of Speaking for Oneself”, Boston Dec, 27-30, 2010.
Yale Political Science Dept, Feb. 9, 2011.
“Decolonizing Philosophy” College of William and Mary, Feb. 25.
“To be or not to be Post-Racial” SUNY Purchase, Philosophy Dept, March 10, 2011.
Mount Holyoke, “The Challenges to Public Philosophy” conference, March 25-26, 2011.
McGill University Philosophy Department, April 1, 2011.
Washington University, April 14-15.

“Rape After Foucault” University of Oslo Aug. 31

“The Future of Whiteness” Keynote, California Roundtable on Race, Boston, Sept 23-24.

“Feminist Theory for the next revolution” SPEP, Villanova, Oct. 20-22.

“Feminist Theory Reflections” NWSA, Atlanta, Nov. 10-13.

“Rape after Foucault” Univ of Uppsalla, Sweden Nov. 17-18.


“Rape After Foucault” Brown University, February 1.

“Security Slam” CUNY Graduate Center, Feb. 3.

“Dussel’s Transmodernism” Colorado College Feb. 7.

“A Realist Approach to Social Identities” and “Occupying Whiteness without Xenophobia” Univ. of San Francisco, February 21 and 24.

“Rape After Foucault” Univ. of Central Arkansas, March 7.

“Dussels Transmodernism” Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy meetings at Fordham University, March 16.

“Occupy Philosophy” Left Forum, March 17.

“Rape After Foucault” Dartmouth March 30.

“Latin American Philosophy as Post-colonial Philosophy” Panel on Latin America, CUNY Grad Center April 25.

“Knowing under the skin: New latina phenomenologies of embodied knowledge” Latina Roundtable, John Carroll University, April 28.

“Rape after Foucault,” New School, May 3.

“Collectivity in the Age of Intersectional Identitiesr" Humboldt University, Berlin, June 28-30.  

"The Politics of Philosophy" Univ. of Iceland, Conference of Nordic Women in Philosophy, Sept 7.

"Rape after Foucault" Villanova University, Department of Philosophy, Sept 28.

"Race, Equality, and the Election" William Paterson University October 18.

"Rethinking Rape and Resistance" Marist College Oct. 19-20.

"The challenge of diversity" SPEP Nov. 1-3

"Anti-Latino Racism" Columbia University Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Nov. 14.

"Philosophy's Civil Wars" Eastern APA Presidential Address, December 2012, Atlanta.


"Collectivity in the Age of Intersectionality" University of Oslo January 24.

"The Future of Whiteness" Univ. of Louisville Feb. 18.

"Social Identities: A Realist View" Transylvania University February 19.

"Decolonizing Philosophy" Latino/a Philosopher Conference, Stony Brook March 15-16.

"Response to Tremain" Pacific APA, San Francisco March 29.

"Decolonizing Feminism in the Age of Intersectionality" UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender April 2.

"The Future of Whiteness" Univ. of Colorado Denver April 3.

“Global Echoes of Resistance to Rape” Dubrovnik May 19


“Global Echoes of Resistance to Rape: Comments on Medina” Madrid June 3-4


“Rape and Resistance” Penn State University, PIKSI August 4-9


“Interpreting Experience” University of Charlottesville, "Interpretation" conference sponsored by New Literary History, Sept. 19-20.

SUNY Buffalo, Philosophy Department, 3 talks Oct 1, 2, 3 on “Anti-Latino Racism,” “The Future of Whiteness,” and “Social Identities: A Realist View”


Feminist Ethics and Social Theory Conference, Tempe Arizona, October 17-19, keynote talk on "Global Echoes of Rape and Resistance"


SPEP, Eugene Oregon, Oct 24-26, Comments on Alia Al-Saji's paper on Fanon and Temporality.


Columbia Teachers College, “Educating with a Colonial Consciousness” November 2.


Vanderbilt University, Nov. 15-16, Latina Feminisms conference "Decolonizing Feminism"


 APA Eastern: SPEP lecture: "Decolonizing Feminist Theory"


APA Eastern: “Honoring Alison Wylie as Distinguished Woman in Philosophy”




“The Future of Whiteness” Brooklyn Public Library Jan. 29.


“Transgressive Survivor Stories” (with Laura Gray-Rosendale) and “The Future of Whiteness” Denison University, Women’s Studies and Department of Philosophy, February. 13-14.


“Dussel and Descartes” University of Washington, Seattle, Department of Philosophy, February 21.


“The Future of Whiteness” Washington and Lee University, Philosophy Dept., March 13.


“Dussel and Descartes” Marquette University, Philosophy Dept., March 20.


“The Future of Whiteness” Stanford University Humanities Center, April 17.


“The Question of Experience” Keynote, PhiloSophia Conference, Penn State University, May 1.


“The State of the Union” and “Surviving and Thriving” two panel presentations for PSWIP and NYSWIP conference on Philosophy’s Woman Problem, May 9-10.

"The Rhetoric of Whiteness" keynote, Rhetoric Society of America, May 23, San Antonio Texas.

"The Question of Experience" University of Ottawa, Philosophy Department Oct. 3.

"Comments on Alia Al-Saji 'Colonial Temporalities'" SPEP, New Orleans, Oct. 23-25.

"The Future of Whiteness" College of Wooster, Oct. 29.

"The Question of Experience" Central Washington Philosophy Association, Nov. 7-8.

"Whiteness" Washington University in St. Louis, Dec. 5.

'Rape and Resistance" Ida B. Wells Conference, University of Memphis, Dec. 6.

"Comments on Larry Blum on race and education" Eastern APA, Philadelphia, Dec. 27-30.


"Philosophy anhd Race" New School Critical Philosophy of Race Conference, February 5-6.

"Whiteness" and "Rape and Resistance" Smith College Feb. 19-20.

"Whitness as a Political Concept" Columbia University, March 6-7.

"Rape and Resistance" Emory University, Graduate Student Conference, March 20-21.

"Feminist Philosophy in Philosophy" Princeton University, March 28.

"Rape and Resistance" Stockhom University April 17-18.

"Dussel's Transmodernity" LASA, Puerto Rico, May 27-30.

"Dussel's Transmodernity" Caribbean Philosophical Association, Cancun Mexico June 18-21.

I gave three public lectures at Australian Catholic University and one at Australian National University in September on topics concerning whiteness, rape, and experience.

"Scholar's Session for Gail Weiss" SPEP, Oct. 8-10, Atlanta.

"The Hegel of Coyoacan" University of Oregon Transamerica Conference. Nov. 5-7.

"Identity: A Realistic Realism about Race and Gender" University of West Indies, Barbados, Nov. 11-13.

"Decolonial Feminist Philosophy" Society for Women in Philosophy, Ireland, Dublin, Nov. 27-29.


"Alain Locke and the question of identity" and "Comments on Ladelle McWhorter" Eastern APA, Washington DC Jan 6-9.

"Comments on Imani Perry" Yale Ideology Conference, Jan. 29-30.




Service Contributions to Hunter College:
Women and Gender Studies Program, Policy Committee, ongoing.
Senate Committee on Curriculum Committee, 2009.
Philosophy Department P&B Committee, 2010-
Philosophy Department Search Committee, 2010-2011

Service Contributions to CUNY Graduate Center:

Graduate Student Admissions Committee, Philosophy Dept 2016.

Executive Office, Womens Studies Certificate Program and Center for the Study of Women and Society   2014-2015       

Philosophy Department Executive Committee, 2011-

GC Dissertation Fellowship Committee, 2011, 2012


Service Contributions to Syracuse University:

a.     Philosophy Department:  
Metaphysics and Epistemology Comprehensives Committee 1988-present
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Philosophy Department 1992, 2006-8
Faculty Mentoring Committee, Philosophy Department 1991-1998, 03-04.
Executive Committee 1995-98
Search Committees, 1995-98, 03-04, 04-05, 07-08.
b.      Women’s and Gender Studies Department:
 Director, 2004-08
Women's Studies Program Advisory Board 1988-present
Co-Chair, Women's Studies Curriculum Committee 1989-1990
Newsletter Committee, Women's Studies Program 1992-1993
c.      College:
 Humanities Doctoral Program Advisory Board 1988-1990, 1993-95
Search Committee for the Safire Chair in Modern Letters 1989-1990
Ad Hoc Investigative Committee for the Psychology Department 1992-93
Dean's Committee on the Conditions of Women, College of Arts and Sciences 1992-1993
Latino/Latin American Studies Program Advisory Board 1993-present
Search Committee for a Director of Latino/Latin American Studies, 1997-1999
Curriculum Committee, 2005-8
Humanities Council 2005-8
Watson Committee, 2004-2005
Faculty Council, 2005-7
d.     University:
 Chancellor's Task Force on Rape 1989
R.A.P.E. Center Advisory Board from 1990 to 1994, 1997-1998
Faculty Advisor, Students Concerned About Rape Education (SCARED) 1989-1994
Co-founder and advisor for Women For Women, a support group for survivors of sexual violence on campus 1989-91
Contact Person Project, R.A.P.E. Center 1992-present
Program on the Resolution of Conflict Program Committee 1993-4
Faculty Advisor, SEAC 1999-2002.
University Senate 2001-2002, 2003-2005.
Senate Committee on Promotions and Tenure Appeals, University Senate, 2001- 2002
Co-Chair, Senate Committee on Diversity, 2003-08
Chancellor's Task Force on Institutional Culture 2005-08
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I review grant and fellowship applications for Woodrow Wilson Fellowships, Canadian Council of Humanities and Social Science, Rockefeller Grants, and others.

I have done external reviews of departments at UCLA and Temple University (Women's Studies), UC Riverside (Philosophy), and Florida Atlantic University.  


Professional service:

I serve on the Program Committee for New York Society for Women in Philosophy.

I have done interviews for radio shows on Pacifica Radio and other radio stations, and appeared on Democracy Now and Grit TV.

I have written several articles for various online news magazines including The Feminist Wire, New York Times' The Philosopher's Stone, The Indypendent, SSRC Open Futures, Huffington Post, Occupy Philosophy, The Mark, and others, and I have led workshops at Occupy Wall Street on Intersectionality.